Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800


Product Description

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800

Product Details

    • Microsoft 2.4 GHz wireless delivers a secured and reliable connection with up to a 15-foot range
    • Press to launch your Start menu and search your PC or the Web if you have Windows Vista or later installed
    • Light lets you know when your batteries are running low
    • Power management system extends battery life
    • Quickly access frequently used tools, like the zoom and audio controls by using shortcut keys. Quickly access frequently used tools, like the calculator and audio controls by using shortcut keys
    • 2 year warranty

Easy to Use
This full-size keyboard is 19 inches wide, making it just the right size for holding in your lap when you’re on the couch or sitting on the floor. The quiet keys allow you to focus on your work without the distraction of incessant clacking. Nor is there any software that you need to install.

Reliable Connection
The Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800’s 2.4 GHz wireless connection gives you superior performance from as far as fifteen feet away, without having to worry about data security or interrupted signals. As the receiver plugs directly into your USB drive, you can use the keyboard with any desktop or laptop computer equipped with a USB port.

Battery Powered
The optimized power management system of the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 helps to reduce battery drain and extend the battery life to up to fifteen months of use. As the keyboard uses AAA batteries, you can easily find replacements, and you’ll be informed when the batteries are running low by a handy indicator light.


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